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Ugly Stick from Durafly PNP


Flown only once. Too nice to Fly. Hanging on my wall.

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Offered in the PnF (Plug ‘n’ Fly) format, Das UglyStik comes with all electronics pre-installed, all major components assembled for you and a full compliment of tools and accessories included to complete assembly. No Glue is provided, as none is needed!  Follow the 8 easy steps of the included manual and watch as the UglyStik bolts and screws together in minutes with multiple hatches allowing for easy access to all internal electronics.

Das Uglystik is an 1100mm (43.3in) EPO foam model built around the ever popular 2200mAh 3S lipo battery and sports a powerful 3536 sized 1000kv electric motor. The highly detailed and very convincing molded plastic dummy nitro engine houses a high speed bearing supporting a prop shaft extension from the electric motor. The included 10×6 nitro style wooden prop completes the illusion. Both motor and dummy engine come pre-installed along with a Durafly™ 30amp programmable ESC. The installed 9g servos provide ample control to all surfaces leaving you only to supply and install your own 6ch receiver.

The Durafly™ Retro Series UglyStik not only looks as good as the original but flies just as well too, perfectly capturing those excellent flight qualities of which the UglyStik was renowned. Being the well mannered sports model it is, Das UglyStik is suitable for both novice and experienced flyers alike. At the lower end of the speed range the UglyStik exhibits no bad stall tendencies and can be flown comfortably at half throttle if desired. However, when you wish to experience its true flying capabilities, open the throttle wide and the UglyStik will oblige, performing a full range of sport aerobatic maneuvers with the ease that made the original so popular. Due to the low current draw of the UglyStik’s power system you can also enjoy longer than average flying times with mixed power use. However, most impressive of all is of course the sight of the electric powered nitro engine as it flies past in near silence. This unique feature of the Durafly™ Das UglyStik will never get old and always impresses.

The latest Durafly™ Retro Series offering is a well balanced and enjoyable sport model in the air and a great conversation piece on the ground. The red color-scheme serves to further the authenticity and nostalgia that is achieved by this beautiful model. Try one today and see exactly how pretty the Durafly™ Das UglyStik looks in your hanger.

• Full work and authentic looking ‘electric’ nitro engine
• High level of prefabrication, requires only minutes to assemble
• Broad flight envelope, good for beginner and sports flyers alike
• Beautifully finish scheme out of the box
• Plug and Fly format, simply add your own radio system and battery
• Easy and direct access to battery and radio compartment
• Full 4 channel control: Elevator, rudder, throttle and aileron
• Detailed instruction manual included
• Full compliment of spare parts available