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For a unique flying experience, nothing tops the amphibious 56.6” span Select Scale Seawind. You can take off from the grass and land on water, or lift off from the lake and touch down on solid ground.

With other seaplanes, you have to choose between one environment or the other. Thanks to the Seawind Rx-R and Flyzone Select Scale engineering, you no longer have to compromise!

Seawind is a licensed trademark of Seawind/S.N.A., Inc. Seawind logo is used with permission of Seawind/S.N.A., Inc.


  • Construction: Reinforced AeroCell foam airframe with large double beveled control surfaces
  • Wing: Removable two-piece, tool free twist and lock wing attachment system, scale Fowler flaps add authenticity and improve aerodynamics, carbon fiber wing tube
  • Aileron Control: Dual servo
  • Motor: 41-19-900Kv brushless
  • Electronic Speed Control: 40A
  • Servos: Five 9g micro for control surfaces, one 17g for nose wheel retract, one 36g for main gear retract
  • Hatch: Magnetically attached, clear plastic windshield
  • Landing Gear: Mechanical retracts with speed reduction unit, allows for take off of a surfaced runway and then landing on water or vice versa
  • Wheels: Three foam, 2″ (51mm) diameter
  • Water Rudder: Plastic construction, deploys when landing gear is up, and retracts when gear is down
  • Lighting System: Navigation and landing lights
  • Spinner: AeroCell foam, white in color, 1.6″ (41mm) diameter
  • Propeller: 11.5×6 plastic, black in color
  • Practice flying this aircraft in the RealFlight® simulator!

Needed to Complete

  • 5+ Channel Radio System
  • 3S 11.1V 2100mAh 25C LiPo battery
  • LiPo charger and charging bag
  • Maintenance and field equipment

What’s in the box?

  • (1) RxR Seawind EP Select Scale Airplane, Detailed Interior with four Seats, two Spinners, Y-Harness, Brushless Motor, 40A ESC, Navigation and Landing Lights, seven Micro Servos, Mechanical Landing Gear with electronic Speed Reduction Unit, and Propeller
  • (1) User Manual


  • Wingspan: 56.6″ (1438mm)
  • Wing Area: 421 sq in (27.2 sq dm)
  • Weight: 61 oz (1729 g)
  • Wing Loading: 20.9 oz/sq ft (63.7 g/sq dm)
  • Length: 44.3″ (1125mm)
  • Center of Gravity (CG): 1-3/4″ – 2-3/4″ (38mm – 70mm) back from the leading edge of the wing at the fuselage side Control Throws- Low Rate High Rate
  • Ailerons, up & down: 5/8″ (16mm) 21° 15/16″ (24mm) 32°
  • Elevator, up % down: 3/8″ (10mm) 10° 1/2″ (13mm) 15°
  • Rudder, left & right: 7/8″ (22mm) 12° 1-1/2″ (38mm) 21°
  • Flaps: 1/2 flap 3/8″ (10mm) 12° full flap 11/16″ (17mm) 21°